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Animal Science

The Animal Science major at Texas State University offers coursework in all aspects of the livestock and poultry industries including commercial production and management; food processing; animal nutrition and health; biotechnology and pre-veterinary studies.

The pre-veterinary concentration satisfies all necessary pre-requisites required for many veterinary schools, including Texas A&M University.

Students in both Animal Science tracks have the opportunity to gain experience that will prepare them for careers in animal science. Numerous courses offer hands-on experience with livestock at the Freeman Center, Texas State University’s working farm and ranch used for educational, outreach and research purposes. Involvement and volunteering with faculty research projects exposes students to additional career opportunities and hands-on experiences in the Animal Science field.

student holding baby goat

Animal Science

The animal science major at Texas State University provides students courses and experience in the animal agriculture and related industries. Students with a major in animal science will be prepared to step in to careers throughout the agriculture industry, from education to the scientific industry. Courses provide a well-rounded, scientifically focused program to prepare students to solve current issues with emerging technologies.

Pre-Vet Concentration

The pre-veterinary degree at Texas State University satisfies all necessary pre-requisites for various veterinary schools, including Texas A&M University. It also provides students hands-on experience with livestock species, in order to further prepare students for a career in the agricultural and animal sciences. Courses are science-intensive and provide hands-on animal experience.

Potential Careers

  • Extension Agent
  • Laboratory Technologist
  • Production Manager
  • Diagnostics Technical Specialist
  • Dairy Farmer
  • Rancher
  • Many more


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Office AG 102

Animal Science Club

The Texas State University Animal Science Club is a volunteer based organization that provides students with opportunities in volunteering within the University as well as throughout the community. The Club is open to all majors and provides students with opportunities to  promote agricultural sciences at Texas State. This organization provides students with the chance to build on leadership skills and individuality.

Pre-Vet Club

The Pre-Veterinary Society at Texas State is a pre-professional undergraduate student organization designed for anyone seeking a career in Veterinary Medicine. The main purpose of our society is to expose students to a variety of opportunities that will guide them to a better understanding of the field of Veterinary Medicine as well as offer networking opportunities with professionals, involvement in the community, and lifelong friendships.