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About Us

Welcome to the Department of Agricultural Science at Texas State University. We are a diverse department with programs that serves about 7,000 undergraduate students each year. At Texas State, students of agricultural science enjoy a unique education experience with practical, hands-on classes combined with valuable industry insight. With small class sizes and exceptional facilities, students are able to succeed in their individual path.

We aim to prepare students for careers in today's changing agricultural sector. Across the industry, agriculture is transforming to meed modern challenges and utilize state-of-the-art technology to improve the production, management, manufacture and distribution of food and agricultural products.

Mission Statement

The Department of Agricultural Sciences provides an enriched learning environment for a diverse body of undergraduate and graduate students and prepares them for careers in the agriculture-related fields at the state, national and international levels. The Department conducts research and provides service that enhance livelihood of farming communities and improve food security.  

Find Us!

You can utilize the Texas State Map System to find the Ag Building (search AG), the Agriculture Greenhouses (search AGGH), and navigate the Freeman Ranch (click on "Freeman" at the top of the page in blue).