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Three students in a beautiful botanical garden

Three TXST students on their internship in Washington DC through the GlobalAg Leader Project (2018)

For more information:

Dr. Madan M. Dey
Department Chair
Agriculture Building, Room 206
512-245-2130 or by appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Internships can be a great way to get experience in the industry while completing needed credits. It can help students to confirm career choices, gain hand-on skills, build a resume, and establish a network of professional contacts. Also, employers often use internships as way to scout out talent.

  • We do not place students in internship positions.  Students will submit a resume and company application to the companies they are interested in.  Just as you would if searching for a job.


  • The postings advertised by the department are pre-approved for internships.   Other companies may be accepted but will need to be screened first by the department.  We recommend that you also search for internships on Jobs4Cats through Career Services or go directly to the website of the company of interest.

    Some internship programs are very competitive, and you may not get your first choice, so it is best to contact several places and start early.


  • Yes, a student must have a 2.75 GPA.

  • AG4310 – Internship in Agriculture can be taken during the Fall, Spring, or Summer semester.  When you do you internship in entirely up to where you do an internship.  Your dream internship site may only offer internships during specific times of the year, so plan ahead.


  • In order to receive course credit, the internship class requires students to complete a minimum of 200 hours, though the company may require more.  During a long semester, the 200-hour workload will be equivalent to a part-time job (15-20 per week).  During a summer semester, the 200-hour workload will be closer to a full-time job.


  • A registration override will not be granted until you actually have an approved internship.  Therefore, we typically recommend that you register for an advanced elective that would satisfy your degree requirements if you are unable to secure an internship.  Regular academic classes will close due to classroom size constraints and other factors, while the internship class will not.  If you secure an internship later, you may then make schedule adjustments and add the internship class.


  • No, but it is highly recommended to limit of 12 hours of course work including the internship class during fall and spring internships.  This will allow you to devote full attention to performing well at your internship site and increase your chances of receiving positive work evaluation and/or future job recommendation.