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Ag Business & Management

The department of Agricultural Sciences at Texas State University offers undergraduate degree in the field of agribusiness. The department prepares graduates to meet the ever-changing needs in the marketplace. The degree prepares students to be competent in agribusiness management, agricultural marketing in domestic and international trade, food safety, sustainability, and agricultural & natural resource policy.

Students in the Agribusiness Management program have numerous opportunities to prepare themselves for a successful career after graduation. Students can take part in internship programs that allow them to gain experience while still completing their degree here at Texas State. Internships allow students to apply their academic training to gain work experience and network with potential employers. Students are also encouraged to actively participate in student organizations sponsored by the department and the University. Participation in student activities provides an excellent opportunity to develop leadership and teamwork skills. Towards completion of their degree program, the students are provided help and advice in their job search by Texas State Career Services Office and the department faculty.

view of a lecture hall with students working on a statistical problem

Fields of study

Our coursework includes six fields of study, which ensures that students graduate with a well-grounded understanding of the agricultural industry and agribusiness landscape.

These six fields are:

  • Production
  • Consumption
  • Economics
  • Policy
  • Environmental
  • International


  • Business Management
  • Banking
  • Commodities Merchandising
  • Agricultural Marketing and Sales
  • Policy/International Trade
  • Financial Institutions
  • Supply Chain
  • Governmental Jobs

For more information:

Dr. Pratheesh Omana Sudhakaran
Office: AG 304
(512) 245-2459