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Leave Approval Form

FACULTY LEAVE REQUEST - Please see UPPS 04.04.30 for the policy:


Faculty members earn sick leave and must report sick leave taken even if no classes were missed as required by the State of Texas (Texas Government Code 661.203). Nine-month faculty members are not required to report hours worked. The specific reporting processes for faculty to use in reporting sick leave only are prescribed in Section 16, Record Keeping Procedures.


Faculty must report sick leave for the actual time missed from carrying out their normal, negotiated workload responsibilities (teaching, research, and service). Sick leave taken must be recorded in hours, including partial day absences.


For absences over a continuous period exceeding one day, the amount of time charged against sick leave should include each working day, except holidays. Report all hours absent, not just hours on which classes were missed or taught by a substitute. For example, when a faculty is ill for three days and is absent from his or her Monday and Wednesday classes and office hours, and is also unable to carry out normal research and service activities, the faculty member will use and report 24 hours of sick leave for the three-day period, even though there were no classed or office hours scheduled on Tuesday.

By acknowledging the following statement, it will stand as your electronic signature. *

  • Individual Faculty/Staff members will need to enter their leave time in SAP using the guidelines from UPPS 04.04.30.


  • An automatic email will be sent to the office staff for record keeping purposes or in case follow-up is necessitated.