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Ag Mechanics

The Agricultural Mechanics concentration of the Agriculture major integrates and applies agricultural engineering technology, agricultural sciences, and agricultural business concepts. 
The curriculum prepares graduates for careers in technical fields and engineering such as agricultural machinery and power systems, electrical energy systems including sensors and controls, agricultural structures, surveying, and environmental systems including water utilization and quality. Students are involved with ongoing research, farm power and machinery, and precision farming and global positioning systems. Graduates are expected to assume positions of leadership and responsibility in careers such as product testing and service management, agricultural sales and services, and agricultural production systems.

student working with table saw


Students in the Agricultural Mechanics program have numerous opportunities to prepare themselves for a successful career after graduation. Students can participate in an internship program that allows them to gain experience while still completing their degree at Texas State. Internships allow students the opportunity to apply their education, gain work experience, and network with potential employers. Within the Department of Agriculture, students are encouraged to take part in student organizations and activities. These organizations and activities are an excellent way for students to develop teamwork and leadership skills. As a student is completing their degree, the Texas State Career Services Office and departmental faculty are available for further career assistance and advice during the job search process.

Potential Careers

Machinery/Equipment Sales & Service
Field Service Representative for Major Agriculture & Construction Equipment
Production Management
Safety Management
Commodity Logistics
Soil and Water Conservation
Many others…

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Ryan Anderson
Agriculture Building, Room 212

The Nelson Wing

Large room with power tools, tables, and construction equipment

The Nelson Wing flanks the west side of the Agriculture Bldg.  Its namesake is owned to H. A. Nelson who served as the Agriculture Department Chairman from 1909-1945.  Today this educational area is home to the Agriculture Systems Management program and contains a Construction Lab, Power & Machinery Lab, a formal classroom, and various faculty and student offices. 

two students working with a power saw