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Bobcat Farm

We're envisioning a food forest! Bobcat Farm is a 1.4-acre student farm currently under construction at the Freeman Center Ranch and will be integrated into academia to enhance student learning. See what seeds we are sowing below.

The Food Forest

Aquaponic Hoop House

Two 300-gallon fish tanks with 8 substrate-based beds & 8 deep-water culture rafts. That's 810lbs of tomatoes & 2,662 lettuce heads per year!


Black soldier fly larvae and red wiggler worms will digest waste to make nutrient-rich fertilizer for our crops and keep things cyclical.

Raised Garden Beds

Soil-based garden beds will be built to grow seasonal fruits, vegetables, and culinary herbs.

Kratky Hydroponics

A non-aerated form of soil-less plant cultivation perfect for off-grid growing and water conservation.

Microgreen/Nursery Towers

Two microgreen/nursery towers will reside in the hoop house to add some crunch to campus cuisines and make staggered planting easy.

Fruit Trees

A variety of fruit trees will be planted to make this farm a true food forest.

Vertical Towers

Saving space on the farm by stacking soil-based planters atop one another.


Did you know the heat from composting leaves can be used to warm a hoop house in the winter?

The Hoop House Layout

The Hoop House

See What's Growing

As we begin our first planting cycle, we'll update our crops here so you can see what's growing year-round!

Our Impact

We've partnered with Chartwells Dining Services, our on-campus dining service. Now our kitchens can be filled with produce grown by Bobcats for Bobcats!

We've also partnered with 2 local businesses, Radish & Dill and 3B Outfitters because we believe in supporting our local community.

Last but not least, 25% of all produce will be donated to Bobcat Bounty to help improve food security on our campus.

Click the links below to learn more about our partners.

Get Involved

To volunteer, donate, sign up for a guided farm tour, or other questions please contact the Bobcat Farm Manager, Amanda Spradlin, at If you wish to volunteer, you will be added to our mailing list where notifications will be distributed as opportunities to participate in the farm's activities arise.

Farm tours will only take place after construction has been completed and must be guided and scheduled beforehand, so put us on your summer calendar!

Find Bobcat Farm

Freeman Ranch Sign

Bobcat Farm is located at the Freeman Center Ranch at 2101 Freeman Ranch Rd. San Marcos, TX 78666. Turn left at the "Freeman Lodging" sign once you enter the ranch and Bobcat Farm will be on the right. 

Special Thanks

Bobcat Farm has been made possible by the generous support of Elizabeth and Floyd McGown through the San Antonio Area Foundation