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Course Substitution Policy

Completing a Course Substitution Form

If you have taken a course at another university which you feel can be substituted for a required course at Texas State University, please fill in the PDF form below and e-mail it to Dr. Ken Mix at  After reviewing your request, you will be notified as to whether the substitution has been approved.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If your request does not include a "Reason Code," your substitution request will be rejected.

Course Substitution Procedures

To maintain the academic integrity of our degree programs, substitutions will be granted only in special circumstances. Provisions are made available through faculty advisors for situations under which a substitution is/is not allowed.

Course substitutions will not be allowed in the following situations:

  • Student has a scheduling conflict

  • Student does not have any interest in the required course

  • Student wants to graduate early

  • Student does not like a professor

  • Student wants to raise Grade Point Average (GPA)

  • Student wants to substitute an individual study/special project for a required course

  • Student wants to take a course somewhere else when it is offered in the department

AG 4185 will not be used for a required course and thus will not be substituted for any required courses. AG 4185 is included in the schedule of classes so students may develop knowledge in areas not covered in depth in the regularly scheduled courses. Its offering is limited to a maximum of three hours (see the undergraduate catalog). Before registering for AG 4185, the students are required to get approval from the curricula committee.

Course substitutions will be allowed in the following situations:

  • A transfer student has completed the same or similar course for a grade at another recognized academic institution

  • A student plans to graduate but a required course to graduate is not offered by the department before the graduation date. In that situation, the same or similar course completed at another recognized academic institution may be substituted.

  • A student is graduating at the end of the semester and the scheduled class for a required course is cancelled due to some reason(s).

A similar upper division course may be substituted for a lower division course, but not  vice versa. A course can be substituted for another course only if the substituted course is equivalent  in content, number of credit hours, and academic level (a 3000 level course for another 3000 level course, for example). Here a proof of equivalency will be required.